&nbsp As you participate in the on-line course Art to Heart, you will see many examples of people using the arts to help children develop and learn. Along the way, you will apply and develop ideas to create activities and approaches for your own classroom. For each session, you will complete three Art to Heart idea cards using the following structure. The rubric below will define the criteria for the idea cards.

Art to Heart Idea Card


Education Standard(s):

Target Age:

Idea for Classroom Implementation:

Materials/Resources Needed:

The “Idea for Classroom Implementation” could be a variety of practical applications such as a lesson plan, classroom center, assessment device, performance event, and parent workshop. You may use your own imagination in determining how you will apply the content to your classroom and develop that idea into a brief, practical how-to guide for yourself and your colleagues.

The idea cards should

·� Clearly define the purpose of the lesson and the target age

·� Communicate the information in a manner which can be evaluated by and shared with peers

·� Meet state and national standards

·� Reflect developmentally appropriate practice

As you write your postings for each of the Art to Heart sessions, make note of ideas that you plan to further develop for classroom use. Complete one idea card for each session. As a final project, submit two idea cards for group share and facilitator review.


Meets Criteria

Does Not Meet Criteria

Defines the purpose and target age of the lesson

The target age and purpose of the lesson are clearly described.

The target age and/or purpose of the lesson are incomplete.

Communicates idea for classroom implementation

The format and writing of the card communicate the information in a manner which can be followed, evaluated and shared with peers.

The format and writing of the card do not clearly communicate the idea for classroom implementation.

Meets education standards

The idea card clearly links to specific, relevant education standards.

The idea card does not correctly relate to specific education standards.

Reflects developmentally appropriate practice

The ideas on the card reflect developmentally appropriate practice as described in Art to Heart.

The ideas on the card do not reflect developmentally appropriate practice.

Includes materials and resources to enhance instruction

The materials and resources enhance instruction.

The idea indicates little effort or planning of use of resources and materials.