Art to Heart Movement Idea Card

Purpose/Objective: To practice gross motor skills in association with the theme of farm animals

Education Standard(s): Standard 1: Demonstrates basic gross and fine motor development Benchmark 1.1: Moves through an environment with body control and balance Benchmark 1.2: Performs a variety of locomotor skills with control and balance Benchmark 1.3: Performs a variety of nonlocomotor skills with control and balance Benchmark 1.4: Combines a sequence of several motor skills with control and balance

Target Age: 4 years old

Idea for Classroom Implementation: The teacher will use photographs of farm animals and music to create a movement activity. The teacher will ask questions and show photographs to inspire children to explore with creative movement. The teacher will lead the children on an imaginary trip to a farm and the children will create movement inspired by the sites on the farm. The teacher will ask questions to prompt the children to the next movement exercise. Sample dialogue: "Can you make a barn? Can you make a gate that swings open to go to the barn? Oh, no there's mud, let's walk as if our feet keep getting stuck in the mud? " Children will be encouraged to use divergent problem solving skills.

Materials/Resources Needed CD player, CD (Song such as "Turkey in the Straw" or lively fiddle music), photographs or figures of farm animals, space adquate for the movement exercise